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Terms and Conditions

Valid from April 20, 2022

The terms and conditions on this page apply to all orders and payments made on dual-air.com.

This agreement is made between you (“the Customer”) and Dual Air AS with the company registration number 994577611 registered in Norway (“the Provider”), collectively “the Parties”.

1. General

This Agreement is regulated by the Norwegian Sale of Goods Act. To order items on the website, the Customer must represent a registered enterprise or company. The Provider does not supply goods for private use.

The basis for this Agreement is collectively determined by information given on the website along with this Agreement. In case of discrepancies between the given information, the information in this Agreement takes precedence.

When filling in the contact, order or registration forms on the website, the Customer agrees that the Provider is allowed to save and process the submitted personal information such as name, email address, etc. in compliance with the Norwegian Data Protection Act and Dual Air's privacy agreement.

2. Ordering and Prices

The order is binding for both Parties when the Customer has submitted their order and a successful payment has been confirmed on the website.

All prices on the website are stated without Value Added Tax (VAT), unless otherwise specified.

The Customer must confirm they have the necessary authorization from their company to complete the transactionon behalf of the company. The Provider will not be held responsible if such an authorization is missing.

3. Warranty

All goods have a one (1) year factory warranty that encompasses material and manufacturing errors. The Provider will decide in each case whether the item should be replaced or repaired.

The warranty does not cover issues and damages that occur during normal use, when the product is used incorrectly (including use of incorrect voltage), due to lack of maintenance and unauthorised attempts to repair the product, and/or other similar issues that fall outside the control and responsibility of the Provider.

Any repair under the warranty will not result in the extension of the warranty expiration date.

For the warranty to be valid when purchasing a Dual Air blow-dryer, the physical or digital warranty card received by the Customer when the product is delivered must be presented. It must include the name of the Customer, the date of purchase and the name/stamp of the Provider, as well as the purchase receipt or invoice.

4. Right of Withdrawal, Returns and Cancelation

There is no right of withdrawal for trade transaction between companies. If there are issues regarding the goods that fall under the Provider’s responsibility and are feasible to resolve, the Provider shall offer to rectify these issues. Alternatively, the Parties can come to an agreement about a discount. The warranty described in Clause 3 could also be applicable under these circumstances.

If it is impossible to repair or replace the product, and the Customer does not agree to a discount offer, the purchase can be canceled. For a cancelation to be possible the Customer must document the issue in writing as soon as possible after delivery and without unreasonable delay. The Customer must be able to demonstrate that the issue is not a result of their own handling or (mis)use of the product(s).

The process of returning the product(s) must start as soon as the issue is discovered, and no later than 10 business days after the cancelation is requested, by means of an agreed upon shipping method chosen by the Provider.

The Provider will refund the purchase amount, including the shipping cost, within three (3) business days from the request is issued and the reason for the cancelation has been accepted (ie. that there are no indications of faulty usage etc. by the Customer).

5. Liability, Delivery and Delays

The Customer guarantees that the Provider will not be held liable for any direct or indirect damage, loss and claims of any kind following the purchase of and use of products from the Provider, or any downtime caused by (warranty) repairs or missing/delayed delivery, including (but not limited to) loss of revenue, customers, reputation, etc.

Beyond the responsibility of correctly delivering the products, without fault or error, which the Customer has paid for, the Provider waives all other liability of possible consequences that any incorrect or missing information provided on the website or through other means of communication could result in for the Customer or third party.

Shipping within Norway is estimated to take 5 to 15 days. A delivery estimate to other countries can be provided upon request to the Provider. Delivery congestion, holidays and other factors the Provider cannot control could impact shipping times.

The Provider is not to be held responsible for delivery issues resulting from strikes, fire, accidents and/or other events outside of its control and which can be denoted as force majeure. In the instance of a missing delivery or a significant delay which is the Provider's fault, the Customer can request a cancelation or a price reduction. The Customer cannot claim any damages related to repairs, delivery delays, etc. Cancelation or price reduction claims will be redeemed by the Provider as long as the Customer sends their written claim after the estimated delivery date has been exceeded or any other events where the Provider is liable has occurred, while allowing a reasonable additional deadline to be determined by the Customer.

The Provider has the right to cancel the order at any time on their end and refund any paid amount to the Customer if it is impossible to deliver the products in accordance with the Agreement.

6. Disputes

Any complaints should be sent in writing to The Provider (contact form or by email to customerservice@dual-air.com) as promptly as possible, ref. Clause 3 and 4.

The Parties shall first try to solve any disputes amicably before any possible legal proceedings can be brought before a court of justice. The Provider’s registered company address is to determine the jurisdiction and court of law.