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I am Vigdis Marthinsen. Throughout my life working as a hairdresser there has been one thing that I cannot get over. Year after year, I kept seeing the same story repeated:

Young, ambitious, and creative individuals look forward to their lives as hairstylists and hairdressers. They have energy and passion going into their craft. I was one of them.

CEO Vigdis Marthinsen with the Dual Air professional blow-dryer

Vigdis Marthinsen is the hairdresser behind the world's first blow-dryer with bi-directional airflow.

But then something happens: They give up after only a couple of years. Not because the love for their craft dies out, but because it's wearing them out. Their health is deteriorating. The pain and discomfort is too much for many of them. Developing tennis elbows, tendinitis, and chronic back and shoulder pain. I have seen it all, and just could not stand by and watch it anymore. I decided to do something about it.

I found the best people for the job. By combining ergonomic technology, state of the art engineering and a little bit of magic, the Dual Air, perhaps the most advanced blow-dryer ever, was created. Developed and produced in Norway.

This high-tech blow-dryer not only produces beautiful results, but more importantly creates a sense of safety and heightened love for your craft. Blow-drying goes from being a boring chore to being an easy and fulfilling part of your job. To put it simply, it becomes fun again.

Over half of all hairdressing academies in Norway use the Dual Air – as well as hundreds of hair salons. These are two of our proudest achievements.

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