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Our innovative ergonomics are creating a new beginning in the world of hairdressing. No more pain – only love for your craft!

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Experience True Balance

The professional Dual Air™ blow-dryer relieves your joints, tendons and muscles. Its innovative design provides a comfortable working position, with no damage to your body. Blow-drying now has a whole new meaning.

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A Scientific Marvel

There are no compromises with the Dual Air. You get a better working position, with no loss of design quality. On the contrary, the Dual Air™ T1 was designed with the help of both hair stylists and engineers. This technological wonder is super simple to use – with innovative, high-tech design.

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Line Hovde Jacobsen almost had to give up her career as a hairdresser due to chronical neuro-muscular health issues. When she replaced her conventional blow-dryer with Dual Air™ T1, her pain and headaches disappeared. She is now able to once again dedicate herself fully to the profession she loves.

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Perfect Results

The Dual Air™ T1 has a powerful motor, a smart touch-panel, a two-way air flow and uses ionising drying technology. The result is gaining full power – and control – in the palm of your hand.

We have event tweaked and tuned the sound frequency for it to be as gentle as possible for your ears.

How to Use the T1
Dual Air Academy
Hair stylist Leif Anders Øverland, Norwegian Champion og OMC Hairworld Championship silver medalist demonstrates correct use of the Dual Air T1.
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Backed by Science

A research study from 2004 at Lund University in Sweden, by Svendsen et al. demonstrates that a working position with the elbow above shoulder level results in a high risk of repetitive strain injuries (RSI). Hair stylists work with a high elbow position at least 3% of the time. If the time in this position is reduced by only 1%, the risk of inflammation and pain is reduced by 20%.

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The arm holding the dryer gets the highest level of muscular stress when blow-drying, according to research published in the professional journal Applied Ergonomics.

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In 2021, the research institute SINTEF conducted research on 20 hair stylists. While using a traditional blow-dryer their arms were often positioned more than 90 degrees out from their bodies, and rarely below 60 degrees. With Dual Air, their arms were on average at a 45 degree angle, and very rarely above 60 degrees.

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Supporting You

Your blow-dryer should be a tool that helps you create beautiful hair styles without damaging your body.

A study conducted by the Norwegian Institute of Occupational Health (STAMI) shows that using the Dual Air™ T1 instead of a normal blow-dryer reduces the time spent with the arm under high tension by 50%.

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