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How to Maintain Your Dual Air

A clean blow-dryer filter will improve your hair drying result.

If the filter of the blow-dryer is blocked with dust or hair, it will reach a much higher temperature than it is designed for.

This is because the heating elements glow at a specific level. When less air enters the fan due to a blocked filter, the blow-dryer will become too hot.

Overheating is dangerous

You can damage the salon equipment or – in a worst case scenario – your customer’s hair. A good routine is important. Choose for example one specific day per week for cleaning the air intake filter of your blow-dryer.

Easy cleaning

We have made this procedure easy with Dual Air. Just rotate the filter until you're able to remove it smoothly, rinse it under water, dry it with a clean dry wipe and add it back on again.

No big deal at all, but it can have a huge effect on your hair drying results!

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