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Welcome, Professionals!

Wow, this has been an exciting time for us. We are proudly launching our new website and with it our brand new blog as well.

It’s the first time for us, but like many other things all of us do for the first time, it’s just all about getting started.

From idea to reality

This is what Dual Air is as well. You just have to get started, and then it’s like an addiction. We started in 2009 with an idea and over the years, our idea has been realized.

For us, this is like a dream come true. Have you ever dreamt about changing the world? We have. And we chose a field that we really care about: You, dear professional hairdressers and stylists around the world!

We have seen so many talented hairdressers giving up their careers because of shoulder and neck issues and we have decided to do something about this. We talked to high class engineers, created a draft and invented a completely new blow-dryer. We optimized, went to laboratories, asked experts and finally produced our first bi-directional blow-dryer.

Check out the testimonials

And nowadays, look at us… We are busy in business, launching a new website, taking professional pictures of our Dual Air and showing the world what we’ve done.

"It’s just brilliant!" That’s what our customers say. "Genius and groundbreaking!" We love how our satisfied customers describe us.

Watch the video testimonials