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The Ergonomic Differences Between Blow-Dryers

What’s the most important ergonomic difference between the Dual Air and other professional blow-dryers?

  • Do you hold your blow-dryer in a firm grip using muscles in your hands and arms?
  • Do your blow-dryer force your arm out to the side before you lift it to blow dry?

Well, that can hinder mobility in your hands, shoulders and arms over time. This will certainly be felt in your shoulders and scapulas.

One of the most important differences between conventional blow-dryers and the Dual Air is the arm position while operating it. With a traditional dryer you have to move your elbow and arm up- and outwards in order to get to a working position. The Dual Air can be held in a loose and balanced grip with a low elbow position, even when working with it at an angle.

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