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Video: How to Blow-Dry Soft Curls With the Dual Air Dryer

Your blow-dryer should be a tool that works with you, not against you. A tool that helps you create beautiful hair styles – without damaging your body.

Dual Air™ assists you in doing just that.

Due to the dual headed design, you can easily dry and style hair from both sides. This makes working more effective and creates excellent results.

To blow-dry in a salon is a world of difference from blow-drying in your bathroom. Dual Air™ is the first blow-dryer that is developed especially for professional hairdressers and hair stylists.

We know the specific problems that you have - and have done something to combat those issues. Dual Air™ is like a balm for joints, tendons and muscles.

The innovative design provides a comfortable working position, without damaging your body. Drying now has a whole new meaning.

Enjoy the video, and notice the ease with which the hair stylist works: